Inside stunning clocktower with amazing views transformed into expensive 3-bed home

A lucky buyer has secured a clocktower with beautiful views in time for an English country record.

With exclusive access to the stunning countryside views from the belfy, the tower sold for £760k as its very own three-bedroom house.

The clocktower overlooks an old military hospital and this year is the most expensive apartment in Hampshire.

It’s part of a stunning home with a spacious living room, walk-in dressing room, ensuites and private cinema room – all situated in Aldershot, Hampshire.

The main building was the Cambridge Military Hospital originally opened in July 1879 by Prince George the Duke of Cambridge.

The military hospital provided residence to 140 houses at the time.

In the bell tower, below the clock turret, the army installed the Sebastopol Bell, a bronze Russian church bell, brought to Britain as a trophy in 1856 to mark the end of the Crimean War.

In 1961 the bell was removed and taken to St Omer Army Barracks in Aldershot, turning into a monument to commemorate the dead on both sides of the Crimean War.

The listing said: “The Clock Tower Penthouse is located in the 109 feet tall clock tower on the top of The Cambridge, the central building at Gun Hill Park.

“The design of the clock tower was inspired by the clock tower at Osborne House, Queen Victoria’s holiday home on the Isle of Wight.

“The Clock Tower Penthouse skilfully combines contemporary living spaces with heritage features, providing accommodation over six floors starting with a main lower level located across part of the top floor of The Cambridge apartment building.”

Across six storeys, the fifth floor is located in the bell tower itself, which is housing a bedroom.

The arched windows form a viewing platform through the porthole window that offers a panoramic view of Aldershot.

The sixth floor comprises the clock turret and the face of the clock, looking down over the complex. The clock face covers an impressive eight feet in diameter.

“With its grand Victorian-era buildings and converted homes with their tall windows, high ceilings and retained historic features Gun Hill Park is totally unique in the Aldershot housing market,” said Weston Homes Chairman, Bob Weston.

“The specification of the apartments and houses is of a London quality, with custom design kitchens and designer bathrooms.

“We have created our own market in Aldershot and this is why the development has achieved really good capital values. You can’t compare the homes to those in the local market, they are best compared to quality new homes in London.”